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Peter & Company Pilot: Peter Lip Sync Test 2 by PeterAndCompany

Peter & Company Pilot: Peter Lip Sync Test 2


Here's the latest complete style test for Peter's mouth shapes, experimenting with his emotions and facial expressions. This is primarily a lip sync and emotion test; his hand shapes are just placeholders at the moment, as the rest of his model puppet has not yet been refined at this stage.

This test also features the first recorded dialogue of Seth (heard off-camera) by his voice actor, Christopher Wade. This specific scene will not appear in the pilot, and instead just uses a sample line of dialogue from one of the pages from the "Whitney's Birthday" storyline of the online comic.

Animated by Spark-Flow Studios. Peter is voiced by Jonathan Ponikvar, author of Peter & Company. Seth voiced by Christopher Wade. Music: "Real World" by Alexander Brandon.

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    very nice dude OwO

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    really nice animation. seems a slight bit off at one point, but that was possibly cause of my laptop. It's nice to see Peter moving and with a voice.

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    Great Overall animation as it wasn't just only the mouth and the eyes but the face and body as a whole. The animation expresses more emotion and character by including these added details. Nice.