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Just someone who found a whole new world to explore. Also a Masters graduate now. That's a thing.

| Updates | Q2 2019 (June)

Just come back from Confuzzled 2019. Had a fantastic time and now full of inspiration! So much to share with you all!

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Where have I been? | 22/04/19

Good Morning Weasyl users!

Long time no post. The meaning behind this rather long departure from the platform is due to my drive to update my personal portfolio and personally finding who I want to be in the Animation/Games creative industry. Sorry for the delay in updates. I have made a whole long journal entry about it all on my FA account. Also, I made an FA account! A long time coming. Under the same name LostPlatformer, Only one post at the moment, but expect some newer artworks within the following few weeks.

Mainly I need to find a productive balance between using FA and Weasyl. I find this site great for posting up WIP artworks and Main characters, whist FA I find is fantastic for Major artwork and communities. Major Journal Entries will be made over at FA, any other scraps about Work in Progress artworks will be made here. Breaking them up into smaller manageable chunks will be better for me as I try and find productivity in the Furry Fandom.

Since reading my past Journal entries I have an update about my Fursona. I have written a whole bunch of background information and have now begun full development. The name will be something along the lines of Galwyn. A working title. I will post up some WIP design works soon. Ready in time for Confuzzled2019

I am glad to be back!


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    Back from Confuzzled 2019, now with a burst of new inspiration I'll hopefully be posting more and more.

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    Back from holiday and should be posting a new journal entry tonight or as soon as I can

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    So I went to Confuzzled.. that's a thing that happened :)

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    I really need to change my Avatar...

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    Just graduated, now what? For the few who wonder, I'm still around on the site it's just that I've been focusing on my studies for the past 8-10 months.

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    I really need to change my icon picture...

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    thanks for watching :3

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    Thank you for the FAV