Pentazer the Nightmare! by Pentazer

Pentazer the Nightmare!


29 April 2015 at 21:57:56 MDT

I do most of my RP and some table top sessions on F-List where you can find me here; Pentazer!
My full fursona information can be found there and on my character sheet here on Weasyl when it gets posted.

Anyway this wonderful commission was done by the ever talented Likeshine Likeshine! Thanks LS!


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    Look at this silly Hippogryph who wandered his way here. He's even strutting around quite proudly!

    And this is one very awesome image~

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      I will bird all over your face.

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    Adorable hippogryphs running around in ruby red one pieces. Makes them prime targets for fox attacks~

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      Oh nose! Hide me from the scary foxy!