Pentazer - Cosmic Horror by Pentazer

Pentazer - Cosmic Horror


15 March 2018 at 19:03:03 MDT

After a long wait, the time has finally come. Here I am, in all my horrific glory!!

"But wait, you're a hippogryph!" I hear you say; to which I reply. "Why yes, I am!"
As a unique nightmare hippogryph, a monster from the Nightmare of the Realms I am actually an abhorrent being of the order of Cosmic Horrors, the most elder and destructive beasts of the Nightmare. It is not only our home and also an extension of our consciousness, will and self.

I exist simultaneously as both the nightmare hippogryph you often see as well as this, the dimensional horror, my parallel form as I call it. My parallel state is a nightmare raven wyrm. Wyrm being the more traditional concept of an ancient behemoth or destroyer (It's also a subtle connection to my abyssal fluff dragon that I like playing a lot). This is how I'm able to boop people with tentacles even if I'm not physically touching them, because my parallel form is hyberbolic coiled about in dimensional space in and around the area. As you can see, my form is quite large so the reach of my tentacles is great. Most of the time my parallel form is residing out of reality as manifesting fully into the physical space is extremely taxing. That's why you don't see cosmic horrors rampaging except on syzygy and other major events!

Anyway the enormity aside here's a bit of story to go with it:

When reality was carved out from the Nightmare and the Realms of physical law, time, space, life and death came into existence, it woke many of us up. I was already awake at the time though ^v^ It's our job, our NEED to eradicate all space, time, memory, thought, life and death; reality itself is an affront to the primordial chaos from whence we came. The noise of all the thought patterns of all the corporeal beings; mortal or immortal, of the physical realms blast like loud speakers into the still silence of our sanctuary; the Nightmare. So one day the time will rise and we will come and when we do, we will bring the silence of the void, the ether of the Nightmare and reality will dissolve back into the immaterial where it belongs.

This epic commission by the awesome Inert-Ren