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Pentazer - Cosmic Horror by Pentazer

Pentazer - Cosmic Horror


After a long wait, the time has finally come. Here I am, in all my horrific glory!!

"But wait, you're a hippogryph!" I hear you say; to which I reply. "Why yes, I am!" As an elder god, a cosmic horror from the Nightmare of the Realms I have two bodies at once. I liken it most to the left and right hand of a singular body, one is dominant (that'd be my hippogryph half) the other is dormant or secondary (that'd be my dimensional horror half). Both halves are the same being but the strength of my mind and cosmic powers are sourced from my hippogryph half while my "physical" prowess comes from my dimensional horror half.

My other half comes in the form of an enormous, ten eyed raven head the size of Mt. Logan (Canada) with one million tentacles emerging around it (here all coiled together to form a serpentine form). All in all I'm about the size of the country of Luxembourg, about 100 kilometers long for my longest tentacles.
This epic commission by the awesome Inert-Ren