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KO-fi and Patreon open

on 1 July 2017 at 20:53:14 MDT

Now as for the question from earlier this week, thank you guys for the responses. I had to ask, as I needed to get a better idea on what to draw; plus it gives me insight into what followers are interested in. Seems like it is mostly comics and animation with the subject of Pokemon and Animal Crossing to name a few things. Gonna admit that I’m surprised by the Animal Crossing ones, as I never did art for it; nor have I have played the games.

Now the other reason for me asking that question, was to decide what I would do for Patreon. This was the biggest issue that has been plaguing me for about a year or two. Since comics and animations were chosen, I’ll be using those as the main projects for the Patreon. I’ll still be doing pin up stuff, so nothing to worry about there.

I also created a Ko-fi account, and I like more it more than the Paypal donation button.

Though following Ko-fi rules I need to keep it SFW, if anything is posted there. So I think it would be wise to create clothed versions of some of some the asks for Aislin & company. Gotta wonder what clothes to place on a busty lactating Mewtwo. Maybe a poll or suggestions for that would work? Thinking about it now, most first pages for comic stuff usually start as SFW, so it should be fine.... Well, minus the Celia Kirlia comic cause that first page crossed into NSFW.

This is gonna be awesome!

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    Thanks for the fav c:

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    hoi hoi hoi,thanks so much for the watch! nwn

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    Thank you so very much for the fav. I really appreciate it. :3

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    Thank you very much for the fave >w< im glad you like it , hope you have a awesome day