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Another portrait by Pencils_DGR

Another portrait


27 October 2019 at 10:23:12 MDT

I planned two things this week, but got hung up on the other one's negative space. Here's a piece of lore that couldn't possibly be a major factor in an upcoming fucking huge story, no... no...

Brian Grimes was a dirty cop with a chihuahua that had Savant syndrome. It was one hell of a sniffer, and had a bag it would jump into whenever Brian yelled "bag." During a drug bust at a beach resort on Santa Catalina, other officers in his squad set up a deal with local mafias and criminals to drown his dog, lead him down a false trail, and gun him down in the lower maintenance levels. While everyone was united against Brian, it was still cops and criminals. Just about everyone died in the shooting, and the resort was closed in 1981 by the Los Angeles Chief of police. The island since has become a popular body dumping ground, and rumors are that Brian still dwells in search of his dog, furious at the world.

Just remember, this Brian Grimes guy is totally not an important character in an upcoming story. And Santa Catalina? Yeah, it's a real island with a beach resort, but it's totally not important.

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