Sentinel of holy Waters by Pechschwinge

Sentinel of holy Waters


8 February 2014 at 16:20:27 MST

the birthday/valentinesday present for my boyfriend. I sat ages on that one to make sure it will be smashing. >_<

Printed it on Din A1(framed) and he totally loves it. <3

(And yeah this is a dragon who isn't able to fly because of it's too small wings. it's rather a species who walks and uses the wings as additional arm-pair.)

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    Awesome! I hope your bf loves the pic. and I like the water

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    The dragon's look makes me think it's going to come through the screen at the viewer. The scale detail is really impressive!

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      yeah my boyfriend always challenges me to draw more detail into my art. x)

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    I loved the way you colored this one. It turned out amazing!

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    Sehr gut gelungen, wie immer. Aber der arme kerl tut mir leid! Mit den Schwingen scheint der nicht wirklich fliegen zu können. =/

    Trotzdem sehr schön ^^

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      Ja, habe ich ja im kommentar darunter geschrieben. Es sind mehr Grefwerkzeuge als richtige flügel. Und mit den Dornen vorn dran kann er sie auch als Waffen benutzen, falls er muss. =) Bloß fliegen kann er halt nicht D=

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    It is stunning and I'm still not over this one!
    So pretty so much detail without being too much! and the lighting.
    Dammit stares