Egg Adoptables - Closed, all gone! (Batch III) by Pearlsnake

Egg Adoptables - Closed, all gone! (Batch III)


2 April 2015 at 17:54:26 MDT

The design of these eggs will influence the resulting hatch

Buying one of these eggs gets you a full body design, Like this. and this

+You may: Edit your adoptable as you wish.
+May not: Edit my art, Claim art/design as your own.
+Each egg is $45, PayPal ONLY.


Fill this out and send it to me via NOTE. I will respond to you for payment; please do not pay before I reply.

Name of egg you want:
Body Type/Build:
Body Details (scars/piercings/etc):

*For species: Let me know if you want a humanoid, monster/alien, dragon, fox, hybrid (let me know what two species you'd like), ect. I will not make creator or copyrigthed species such as "sergals" or "turians", please don't ask.

*Nagas! If you want a naga character please use NAGA for a humanoid face or SNAKE if you want a snake head.

Trench- kuntos
Slash- meris
Tech- onom
Liquid- crossroadsking

Submission Information

Visual / Digital

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    could i get Trench?

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      Trench is still open :> Please note me with the info above~!

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        btw, completely durped on asking:
        will we expect the full version of the image via email as well or just the larger sized ones posted here (as opposed to any shrinkage on like FA)? :)

        sorry to bother, if at all ^^

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    UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. why are you so awesome. i cant wait to see what they hatch into XD

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    is it wierd id be happy with just an actual egg from you? Not a character? they are so pretty

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      XD you certainly can get just an egg if you ever want to, but I'd feel bad about it haa

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        but what if it was an egg with sentience?! like it could wiggle and move and oh no now I want one <3 You design such pretty things

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          .u. /exercises powers of temptation.

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    Missed them while on duty at the fire station. Darn! D:

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      Batch 4 is due to open after I'm done with these if all goes well :>

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    I always seem to be good at missing these adopts!

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    Why do I keep missing these? TToTT