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Hey everyone, this is the Pan-pan/Eatter account!

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A little about us! We both come from the minds of the Monster Maker and are from Louisiana. We create and we have great times, and we do a lot of craziness.

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FurReality 2015

on 15 October 2015 at 17:30:52 MDT

So, This past weekend I was at FurReality, and I must say, quite the adventure! So, I've concocted a fairly decent account of my weekend, and I'm sure that you will agree once you've read through it. Heheh.

So, the original reason I was going to this con, was because I had been asked to host a panel on cake decorating. Something that I can (Sorta) do. I asked them if they had any table space left by chance, and they said they did and that they would be more than happy to save one for me. This was awesome salsa! So I packed up and loaded the car on Wednesday after a chaotic day, and then left early Thursday morning.

The drive up there was about 6 hours, and I was alone. So a lot of the drive was spent listening to radio programs and audio books. The drive was smooth and I managed to arrive around 1:30 that afternoon, even though I must admit that time change always catches me off guard.
Blind Coyote, MLW, and Trek had made it to the hotel a few minutes before me, and upon arrival there was much hugging and kissing and such in greetings.
We checked in, which is always an adventure, and then meandered over to a place called Bob Evens for lunch. It was tasty and fairly entertaining, although I'm sure we raised a few eyebrows.
From there we wandered over to the main hotel where people were slowly starting to arrive, and I realized it's been awhile since I've been to a con that didn't have a Thursday evening activity. That said, I was still able to chit chat, visit, and meet a lot of new people. Since I've only just started going to cons a little farther north, I have a lot of new faces, such as Orion, and Pepper, that I am getting to know.
We managed to reg and I got my Dealer's table set up, a simple thing. I looked around and noticed that I probably had the simplest/non embellished table in the Den. This was not a problem, but I did notice it.
I spoke with Sal, and she introduced me to the fellow who made the cakes for my decoration panel, and the cake was amazing! Since the theme was Viva, he had made a skull cake, and brought in supplies to decorate, minus some flat white icing and a couple little things that I would later get at Walmart.
Actually, while I was at Walmart, I managed to find everything I would need to help finish the cake panel, and then a couple little extra things I had forgotten at home.

We got back and before long were asleep.

Friday came with me waking up before the alarm and hopping into the shower. Dressed and cleaned I made my way over to the con hotel (I was across the street at Red Roof Inn) where I got settled in and comfy. Not before making my way to opening ceremonies of course! FurReality apparently has a pretty good reputation for their con themes and story lines that they go with throughout the weekend. This is definitely something that I love to see as it gets people excited for the wekend.
Once over, I wandered back to the den. I walked around and met some of the other Dealers. A few I knew from previous conventions, such as Miscellanious Etc., but most were new faces and I adored them all! Then it hit noon, and the business began, and I was kept fairly busy.
When it comes to me and people, I have always worried I'm a bit of a chatter box, but over the years, in regards to business at least, I have realized that this is probably the biggest benefit that I have. I get involved and get engaged with people, we talk, discuss and have fun. By the time it's done and over with, if I don't have a commission, I definitely have a new friend.
Around 5:30 I started to attempt to pack up, this did not work out in my favor however. I kept having folks come up last minute and get in my que. Finally got to my panel room around 5:55 and rushed to set things up. I decided to throw tables together and cut slices of a secondary cake so that everyone could decorate their own slices. This went over very well actually and people had fun.
When that was over, there was a group that wanted to go to skyline chili, or something like that, and I had been invited along. We went, and the food was good, but I admittedly had paper in front of me the whole time and was sketching, so my contribution to the conversation consisted mostly of responses.
We got back and I wandered into the room that was hosting the karaoke and caterwauling. I sat next to ice type and his lovely fiancee`, where we chattered and gossiped while the setup was done. Once underway there were several good singers, and when I went up to do Proud Mary, a staple for me, the song went out halfway through the beginning. I just kept going. I sang through the song and people were clapping their hands along with the beat and singing backup, it was a hoot! I finished, there was clapping and then I sat down. I pretty much just stayed in the room because, right after, there was a game show called, Furries Ruin Everything. My god this game was funny. I watched and sketched as they went, and enjoyed every second of it.
Then the show I was looking forward to came in. “Whose Lion Is It Anyway”, an improv game that was hosted by Alkali, Pandez, and....uhm... Draklor or Ragnar? I, I can't remember the name! Oh crud..... Well, anyway.... The game was fun and started with 'Questions Only' which was admittedly up my ally. I got on stage and sweet cheezy Jesus did we manage to make a mess out of things. The theme was 'in a pet store' I survived and was told to stay up, then after the rest went, this chick and I were squared of with song titles. We had to use them to discuss the con, and she was really good. We were cheered and then sat back down. Throughout the time I continuously got pulled up there and finally I wasn't allowed to sit back down. Earlier in the afternoon I had mentioned to Alkali my improv history and experience, and when it came down to it I was able to walk the walk along with talk the talk. So he kept me up there. While on stage and sitting next to Pandez, I showed him a picture of my fursuit and god the best reaction ever. “OMG I've been looking for you forever!!” He said excitedly. “Alkali! Alkali! Did you see? Come look at this.” By the end of the night it was insanity and everyone was laughing and giggling.
I made my way back to the hotel room shortly after, and did some work on commissions. I passed out around 3:30 or so. I woke up the next morning, meandered over to the con and had breakfast with GlowSheep. We talked and caught up. We hadn't seen each other in waaaayy to long, and Sleepershark joined us not long after. She was a new friend of mine. We were sitting next to each other in the Den and her work was absolutely adorable!

Saturday was an interesting day, a lot of talking, a lot of chatter and a lot of We Bare Bears talk. The reason being that Lyenuv, Candy, and myself are all bears and we all are we bare bears fans. So there was themed artwork and giggling and laughing and jokes. Much Shia Lebouf talk as well (actual cannible Shia Lebouf!). The people I met were awesome, and the day was pretty nice.
When the Den closed, MLW and I went to have dinner. It was nice to get away from the chaos and be able to just talk. We got a lot of things out in the air that had been concerning us, and a majority of it stemmed back to a conversation that had been forgotten about, but knew had happened because their were charts and graphs. Once that was cleared up, the rest of our dinner went smoothly.
We got back and I wandered over to Furry Night Live, which was quite interesting and funny. I settled in and watched as I drew, and then it was story time with Uncle Kage and Alkali. It was enjoyable and funny, and I donated money to the kitties. I believe that at some point he whole thing derailed into delightful chaos.
When that was done I made my way over to the Open Mic where I managed to get picked to go up and do a 4 minute routine. I can successfully say that my father was a fantastic person to talk about, and it had people rolling on the floor. The others who came up did a wonderful job as well, and I applaud them for their bravery to come up onto a stage to perform.
The MSK3K movie was afterwards, and they had chosen “Destroy All Monsters” from the Godzilla series. I love Godzilla, so I was in full support of this idea.
My friends and I sat in the front row and laughed and talked and I got a little on the tipsy side. I had to leave halfway through the movie to handle a phone call, but by the time I got back Alkali was there to pack up the things. I offered to lend a hand and was then whisked away to another area, his room, where there was a small drinking party going on.
Alkali and I talked for awhile once things were put away, and he was constantly asking “Why haven't I met you sooner?” to which my response was “I've only just started expanding cons”.
He then asked what my con set was and if there was a chance he could get me to go to fursquared and a couple other cons. I said I would and we were both content.
The rest of the night was spent drinking, cheering and sharing good words with others. Not too mention seeing Dotgeek's sexy bunny trail (I'd hippity hop hop down that trail anytime, lol) Which speaking, DotGeek is friggin' awesome! I was three seconds away from kidnapping him to be in the Wild Nights kitchen, but then realized that the way to get someone to go to your con is not by kidnapping.
I finally wandered back to the hotel and after finishing up a few badges, passed out from exhaustion.

Sunday, oh that magical Sunday. I slept in. Like all my other cons, I didn't make it to the Den until 11, and that's just something I've come to accept, and so have a lot of people. When I got there I felt like Santa, handing out badges left and right. I also had a few people who came up and were like “I WANT BADGE! HOW LONG TO GET BADGE?” and when I said everything I was doing on Sunday was a take home they just stared at me blankly, then said “I WANT BADGE! HOW LONG TO GET BADGE?” needless to say I have a handful of take home badges I'm working on.
I did get to trades done this weekend, one with SleeperShark, and one with R`hyl. They were both so much fun and first time creatures, a whippit and an equine. Yes, I have never done equine art before Sunday. There is a very long and personal story as to why I did not draw one before...well, outside of a mural piece I did with John Wayne on horse. And tons of cows, so many cows!
So, after Dealer's Den was closed and we packed up, there was a small group of us who gathered together and went out for sushi. OMG AMAZING!!!!!! I think I definitely got waaayyyy to fat from all that sushi. Just thinking about it makes me want sushi (I am a terrible panda). We had a super awesome time and I got to spend time with Lyenuv, Kanza, Candy, Mlw, Blind coyote, and more.
We finished eatting and someone said something about swimming, so the next thing I knew, I was swimming in a pool. This began to attract others, and soon Leo, PunkCat, Bastian and his wife, and I believe the rest of the con's remaining attendees had come out to swim with us and have fun. It was a really great time, and I had to admit, the chance to see all the people again and have fun, was awesome.
After the pool closed and I had gotten out of my wet clothes, a group had decided upon CaH, which I hadn't really played that weekend, and so I was interested. The only downside was that I was a little irritable, I believe from the lack of sleep and a couple other minor things. So when I sat down to play and began looking for my box of inking pens to art while we played, I was mortified to learn that the box was missing.
I called it a night shortly thereafter because I didn't want to be a debbie-downer to the group. I wandered back to the hotel, changed, crawled in bed and turned on the telly, only to catch an episode of Rick & Morty. Finally People started to meander back and Blind and I cuddled up to pass out. This did not bode well and as Trek wandered off to go do whatever a raccoon does, he and I actually ended up doing a lot of pillow talk and such.
MLW came in a couple hours later and the three of us talked, then decided that we needed some steak n shake in our mouths at 3 in the morning. We went and didn't care about what we looked like, and it was fine because we were the only ones in there.
The food was decent, the service was entertaining. We finally got back and fell asleep cuddled up together. Which, if I think about it, probably was my favorite part of the weekend. Getting to have two people I care about, and who care about me, cuddled up and snuggling and having a good time.

When we woke up on on Monday, we had overslept and so I called and asked for an extension to our check out. They were politely obliging. We packed up and then hugged and said our goodbyes, and then I began to make my way back home. The drive was long, and I was so tired about an hour away from home I pulled over and took a nap for a little while. I was glad I did.
I finished the trip and got home, and settled in. The rest of the night was spent in a meeting for the Furry Retreat group, and getting that up and running next week.
Tuesday was spent running errands, paying bills, and making plans to hang out and art with another shop owner and my friend William, an OwlBear that I am hoping to drag with me to a convention soon.

All in all, it was a great convention, and I will most definitely be returning next year. The convention is great, the people are amazing, and I do pretty good business up there.

Anyway, I'm going to let you go. I have to hop in the shower and get dressed. I have a meeting tonight and I also have to get stuff together for an art jam.

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