comfortable evening by pandapaco

comfortable evening


28 December 2012 at 22:24:46 MST


Quick sketch color comissioned for Tycloud, from Inkbunny

This two characters has already had story, I hope soon I can share it with all of you

A very cute scene of friendship between this little artic fox that rescue this little werekidwolf


Un sketch color comisionado por Tycloud, de Inkbunny

Estos dos personajes ya empiezan a tener historia, espero pronto compartirla con todos ustedes

Una escena tierna de amistad entre este zorrito artico que rescata a este niño lobo.


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    Oh, it's not with <'s or >'s, but with brackets. ^^

    And I have no idea why but I have fallen in love with this drawing. <3