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Stitch: The Ugly Duckling by pandapaco

Stitch: The Ugly Duckling


12 May 2020 at 12:35:42 MDT

They didn't like him because he was different, and he didn't understand what he had done wrong, he just wanted to be part of where he thought he belonged. But he had to search until find his place and his correct beings, because our place is not always where we begin our life, we have to live, suffer and explore, to realize that we are not ugly ducks, but swans.

When I was a kid, at home we had a Beta tape with many Silly Simphonies, one of those was The Ugly Duckling, there was not a single time I could see that shortfilm without crying, and even nowadays, if I try to watch that film on YouTube and watch it, I can't help it.

Stitch, for more mainstream than he is, he's an ugly duckling in many ways, in his own universe and in this our world as well.
And for many reasons he's one of my favorite Disney characters. (Not only because cute)

("Lilo & Stitch" is the only movie, any other kind of sequel are just weird fanfics, but those never happened)

Digital. Photoshop.

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    Good work!

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    This work is absolutely stunning… It’s gonna be my new phone wallpaper. I love the warm lights that give your painting such a soft atmosphere!

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      Thank you very much n__n

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        My pleasure, really! Thanks for creating this!