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¡Viva México! by pandapaco

¡Viva México!


Illustration for the poster of Furboliche 2020, a bowling event in Brazil. This year, their theme is "México", so I'm very honored they chose me for their artist for their poster.

For more info of the event:

Choosing a little charro riding his horse is not just a cliché, actually is very accurate. When I was a kid, our neighbors were into charrería, despite having regular jobs (they were accountant, both the husband as his wife), from time to time, including their children, all of them were wearing tight, decorated pants, short jackets, silk ties and big sombreros, practicing their skills with the lariat over their horses. Of course we went to see them participate in tournaments to show off their skills in the Lienzo Charro.

But on this scene everything is chilling, this little jaguar is just enjoying a nice blue sky and a warm day, riding his favorite horse, trying to keep in memory all these great smells of soil, grass, and clean air.

Style of landscape was totally inspired on Jose Maria Velasco's paintings, and of course, the view we had from my parents' house.
Digital. Photoshop.