Christmas 2019 by pandapaco

Christmas 2019


25 December 2019 at 13:05:20 MST

Oops, I think we were delaying to setup for Christmas, but we are trying to not hurry up, we are enjoying, because there's nothing better than enjoying your time with people you love enough to consider them part of your family.

This silly panda bear wants to wish to all my friends, followers, members of this beautiful fandom known as Furry, and to everyone who enjoys anthro art... a wonderful Christmas.

¡Feliz Navidad!

Traditional art. Colored pencils.

Characters on this picture, from left to right:

Rocky (the raccoon in the box), Paco (the panda with yellow hoodie), Biro (the cute fox), Roni (the handsome border collie), Art (the young raccoon cutting the gift bow), Julio (the brown bear), Nemorio (the little panda with the box on his arms).
All of them are part of my webcomic Art and Biro: