Fluffy cruise by pandapaco

Fluffy cruise


13 March 2019 at 15:33:40 MDT

I’ve lived too many new experiences lately: Going to a nordic country very far from home, eating (and smelling) rotten fish, and traveling in a cruise.

Now that I experienced that, I can say it wouldn’t be fun enough for me considering a cruiser as a plan for vacations, it is like staying in a hotel where you can’t go out, and it is hard for me to get used to the constant movement of the ship. When you land, you still feel that movement in your brain.

But, as everything, the experience changes a lot if you are with the correct people. And I’m so glad to say I was with the right people. The experience was awesome, being with Miles TF Baxxter, Trax, Mausie, Hiyu, shortythedragon shortythedragon and Hassel. All amazing people, we were from 5 different countries: Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Mexico. The cruise was from Stockholm, Sweden to Finland.

We were fursuiting during a family hour, so we were surrounded by kids who were hugging, playing with tails, running in circles around us, lots of photographies to us, and of course I was not understanding a single word, they were speaking all languages but spanish or english.

I had a lot of fun, of course I would repeat something like this, only if I’m with more furries.

You can see some pictures taken on the cruise during our fursuit time on this Tweet:

Enjoy the beautiful moments you live in your life, those are the treasures that make life goes on. Never feel bad if those moments are gone, feel good that those memories really happened