Christmas 2018 by pandapaco

Christmas 2018


24 December 2018 at 12:07:47 MST

Christmas is coming, one of my favorite seasons on the year, where you can feel a very nice and positive environment, where all the people wants to share the best of them.

And this panda, as every year, is wanting to share a picture representing a Mexican Christmas tradition.
Previous years, I had explained the Posadas tradition, festivities 12 years before Christmas, where we sing songs, plays a representation of the seek for a shelter of Mary and Joseph, and thenm we eat a lot of food and break a piñata.

But, what a piñata means? Because a piñata must have a specific and traditional shape (no donkeys or your favorite character), the shape is a sphere with seven points, each point represents the seven deadly sins, and the sphere is the evil. So beating the piñata is representing the struggle against temptation and evil. When the piñata breaks, the treats inside represent the rewards.

And this tradition is original for the posadas, for this Christmas season (not for birthdays or other celebrations, but of course there is always an excuse, nowadays, to break a piñata, I don’t think that’s wrong).

On this picture you can see my characters from my comic: Julio, Nemorio, Art, Biro, Parinton (aka. Paco), Rocky and Roni (who is also the fursona of my boyfriend). I promise this next year I’ll complete the first chapter of my comic, but now you can see it online on the webpage

Feliz Navidad a todos!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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