ANW and MFF artshows by pandapaco

ANW and MFF artshows


8 November 2018 at 12:16:44 MST

Hi everyone! I hope you are good.

In this submission/journal, I want to share the news that I'm attending Anthro NorthWest 2018, in Seattle, WA. (November 8 to 11). And Midwest Furfest, in Chicago, IL. (November 29 to December 2)

In both conventions I will have panels, events, artists alley and art show.

Art Show

I'm displaying in both art shows 6 art pieces: 4 of them are original, 2 are prints:

"The Whole Earth"
Original. Inks.

"Fly the Furry Skies"
Original. Acrylics.

"The furnesian islands"

Original. Color markers.

"Golfing with Nbowa"
Original. Colored pencils.
(Only displayed at ANW)

"Cute Monster Attacks"

At ANW they will be only for exhibition (no sale), and at MFF they will be exhibition and sale. You can take any of these pictures to live with you at home, bidding on them (Except Nbowa's, that will only be exhibited at ANW, for no sale).

Artists Alley

You can buy my art-book "Greatest hits", the same one I was selling at Megaplex. And if you arrive early, I can make a commission for you at the moment. Be quick, that space will be very limited.

The Artists Alley at ANW will be very particular and different from all the ones I knew before. It will be after the Vendor's room has closed, but it won't be in the same room, but in the same place where the FuzzyLogic Escape Room will take place. Artists Alley's schedule will be on Friday, November 9 from 7 to 10pm (Yes, at night), and on Sunday, November 11 from 5 to 8 at night, so go visit us, we do not want the artists to stay watching people go to the night dances while we are just there, sitting.
Both days I will only have a limited space of 2 slots per evening in terms of commissions.

I will be sending a reminder to visit us on my Telegram channel, so I highly recommend you to follow me:

At MFF I will be in the "Marketplace", which still is not very clear to me what will be the difference between Artists alley and Marketplace, but at least I already have a place there for sure.
In the Marketeplace, I will only be Friday and part of Sunday.
On Friday, November 30, you can find me at the full Marketplace time, from 12pm to 7pm (with 4 commission slots available). And on Sunday, December 2 from 10 in the morning to 12:30 pm (only 2 and a half hours, that day I will only receive commissions to do at home, limited to 9 slots).

On Saturdays I won't be in either of the two conventions at artists alley or marketplace. Saturdays you'll be seeing me fursuiting and fooling around.

Panel: "Switch-on to the drawing mode"

Probably the last two times I run this panel, before planning a completely new one.

For artists who want to draw, without having to depend on inspiration. No matter what level of drawing you consider yourself, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, I'm sure that this panel will be very helpful. (Please be patient with me and my weird accent)

I will give it at both conventions, at ANW on Friday, November 9 at 3:30 pm. In the Compass North 3 room
At MFF on Sunday, December 2 at 1pm. In the Sky Harbor lounge.

Doodles for Charity

I will have an extra activity only at ANW: Doodles for Charity

Have you always wanted to have a doodle completely free by me? This is your chance, but ... I'll be doing it with crayons, and in fursuit.
Come get a free doodle drawn by folks in costume. These doodles are 100% free. Tips are encouraged and all money collected goes directly to the convention Charity: Sarvey Wildlife.

The event starts at 4:30, but I will be there from 5:00 to 5:30 pm. Next to Hubcap, Telephone, Obscura and Nacho.

It's going to be very fun!!

You can see that I will be very busy during the conventions, even so I go to these events to have fun, be with friends, meet people, and play fool while I am in fursuit.
They will be very funny times.

If you go to ANW and / or to MFF, and you see me, please don't hesitate to say hello. And if you see me in fursuit, I'm a free hugs provider.

Remember that we all go to these events to have fun. Always use common sense, to respect the fun of those around you, and to return home with an unforgettable moment.

See you there!!!