Megaplex: Meet the GoHs by pandapaco

Megaplex: Meet the GoHs


8 July 2018 at 12:22:54 MDT

This edition of Megaplex 2018, NIIC (the singing dog) and I, have the pleasure to be the Guests of Honors. A really big honor, especially because I'm gonna be celebrating exactly 10 years on the furry fandom (the day of the opening of the convention is exactly the same day I found the furry as a community where I wanted to belong), and even a great honor for sharing this moment with the very talented Niic.

On this panel, which will be celebrated on the Main Ballroom, on Friday August the 3rd, at Megaplex (In Orlando, Florida, United States) you will be able to listen some stories, discussions about the fandom, about our works and projects, and of course, you will have an opportunity to ask questions to us as well!

If you are interested to attend and you want to pre-register to the event, hurry up!! Because this Monday, July 9th, they close pre-registration!!
If you miss this date, don't worry, you can register at the door (with a little higher price).

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