Buddy's Checkout by pandapaco

Buddy's Checkout


7 June 2018 at 13:43:43 MDT

Yeeees!! He's Buddy!! And he wants to be your buddy!!

Poster for the Fuzzy logic's escape room: "Buddy's checkout". They wanted it to look like a movie poster, but completely in traditional.
The plot of the escape room: Help Buddy finding his "Popufur" shirt, but it is almost time for checkout the hotel's room, so you have to hurry up.
Despite he's wearing, on the poster, the shirt you are supposed to help him find, hehe.

If you are on the Chicago area, go and live their adventures: https://www.fuzzylogicescaperoom.com/
They are also at many furry conventions.

I did this poster two months ago, and I was planning to say, when I submit it, that this was the biggest traditional canvas I've ever worked on, but now it seems the projects are pushing me to make each time big and bigger canvas on traditional. At the time, this was the biggest I had ever done.
A mix media of watercolors, acrylics and colored pencils. with lots of details, those are all the elements that were in the escape room.

It has been one of the most fun projects I've worked on.