Pastorela. by pandapaco



24 December 2017 at 13:32:48 MST

My Christmas picture from 2017. And as always, trying to show the traditions of my country during Christmas.

Pastorelas are dramaturgical plays that tell stories related to the birth of Jesus, they can tell many stories, among them the most famous is the path of the shepherds to Bethlehem, where they are tempted by demons, who represent evil, and guided by angels who represent good.
The pastorelas are also characterized by their live music and their songs. This tradition is usually done in churches, theaters or even in houses, organized in a homemade way.

As you can see, in our pastorela I am the little devil, my brother Nemorio the angel. Art and Biro are the shepherds. Roni and Julio are the musicians. Rocky (the little feral raccoon) is just hindering our path, he wanted to be part of it.

All of you are the spectators of our works, thank you very much for being with us all year, thank you for all the favorites, comments, retweets, or just watching us.
Also a thousand thanks to all the artists that inspire me, to all the old and new friends, and to all the fandom that has been like a great home for all of us.

Merry Christmas!!
Feliz Navidad!!