That's not fair by pandapaco

That's not fair


22 February 2017 at 13:31:03 MST

Commission for TJ, as a gift for our friend Matt, Darwin, Tiny deer, The durr, These pants dont fit, or however you want to call him (But please, check his gallery, he's a great artist!! )

This idea was created many months ago, Trace just asked me for a pic for this deer, and I thought it could be funny something related his size. Because, as you can notice, he's a pocket deer.

I enjoyed incredibly much doing lots of details in this pic, and adding some of my friends and my own characters on the log ride in the back.

So the characters that appear in this scene are:
-TJ, the folf, who is holding some balloons. (
-Darwin, the poor tiny deer who is not being allowed to ride this amazing roller coaster (
-Parinton, me, who is moaning that his durr friend can't ride with them (
-The pork, or as I named him on my Photoshop layer "the comunist pig, invented character, so I supposed he's mine (
-Matt, the mutt dog, supposed to be the man's best friend, but he's doesn't care if his friend is riding or not, he's already ready to start!! Ooh, it's because non of us are human. (
Over the ride:
-Jonathan W Sebastian, the brown scared wolf
-Nigel, the bat, he's enjoying the ride. (
-Art and Biro, I can't believe they are taller than Darwin, so they could ride this coaster. (
-Roni, another dog who is enjoying the ride no matter if his panda is still down on the line (
-Silver, another scared on the ride, I think it is his first time on a roller coaster (


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    Should have put on bigger shoes, kid !!! >:B Jokes aside all the detail in this is incredible aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Antlers and ears don't, but if you go by hair, I think he just makes it