Tribal Roni by pandapaco

Tribal Roni


17 January 2017 at 12:52:21 MST

This is a very special picture for a very special person in my life, whose today is his birthday, so this is a gift from me to him. Happy birthday, scruffy dog!!

Time ago he told me he was curious how his fursona would look in a tribal outfit, because he has enjoyed how I draw tribal characters and he really wanted to look like one of those.

Well, here he is, as handsome as always, the bear on his feet represents the curiosity. If you think it is strange that a regular bear (not an anthro one) is with him, you have to know that in my universe, besides existing furries, as you know them (anthropomorphic animals), there are normal animals (any kind of specie, so an anthro cat can have a regular cat or even a dog as a pet), and humans (a high percentege of the world population is human, around 80%, the 20% are furry).

This pic was done with color pencils.

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    your artwork is magic!!!!!!!! fotter hugs fox otter hybrid!!!

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      Wraaargh thank youuuu!!!! panda hugs

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    Oh wow...I've been practicing traditional art for awhile now. I hope I can learn to be this good with pencils.

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      Hopefully soon I'll make a video tutorial about how to color with pencils

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        Oh really? That would be amazing.