SuperArt and DynoBiro by pandapaco

SuperArt and DynoBiro


7 September 2016 at 12:56:37 MDT

A very special drawing for me. This is the 2016 birthday gift for my kids Art and Biro (whose birthdays are on September 7th (Art's) and 9th (Biro's).

These two guys are pretty special for me, because they make me have a huge reason to keep doing what I do, they are my main motivation. More than characters, they are like my children.

They are the childish part of my life that still enjoy grabbing towels and tablecloths, put them in the neck, and let their imagination take them flying around the city, defeating the people against the evil pigeons. I feel like one of them every time I wear my panda fursuit.

For sure this is an original piece I'll expose at the Midwest FurFest artshow, but I'm not sure if I'll put a price or only to display.

I knew it would be worth making this drawing in traditional because they deserve it. It was done with Prismacolor color pencils.

Also is my entry for this contest:

Which it fell like a glove, because I was thought this year I was going to draw them as super heroes.
Also check that journal!! It is shown one of my old arts as example!! :D

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    that is so beautifully :)