Stay up late by pandapaco

Stay up late


3 August 2016 at 13:28:46 MDT

Commission for Nitrateflux

I've never felt asleep in front of the computer, when I know I'm very sleepy, I go to my bed, but I know many friends who suddenly don't reply, and it was because they are sleeping in front of the screen, probably typing some random letters on their keyboard, or they are kind of dreaming but still in the web, haha that's funny.

This pic was designed for be printed on a mug. I don't offer printed mugs anymore, as I did many years ago, it was too much work and I prefer to concentrate just drawing than making those kind of crafts. It was nice, but also it was too much work being creating boxes and going to the parcels. Nitrateflux asked me if I was still doing printed mugs, but instead saying NO, I did a design appropiate for a mug and he could print it, now are a lot of places all can go and print personalized things.

BTW, he's an african wild dog.

hugs everyone This panda loves you all! <3

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    Now THIS is something I can definitely relate to. XDDDD

    Lesson #1: Get more sleep! LOL