Big City PG18: Lokii shopping by Pandactyle

Big City PG18: Lokii shopping


17 January 2016 at 21:21:08 MST

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    What are they doing that's scary? I'm just as dumb :)

    The rat facepalm is almost as cute as the PRRRIIIIIII face XD

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      They're random poke'mon with no trainer in sight. xDDD Someone mentioned it a while back on one of the other sites I post to, and it made sense for humans to be concerned seeing random poke'mon walking around a mall without supervision. xD

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        Ahh that would make sense I guess. I'm the kind of person that monitors other animals and generally only do something about them (capture and release or in the case of snakes which are generally the kind that will kill you in a short space of time contacting someone that can wrangle them without getting dead) if they're freaking out other silly humans or if they themselves are freaking out. Seeing as the pokemon are always portrayed as being pretty intelligent I figured that they would be viewed as unsupervised children (unless they were rampaging or something), not that that seems to bother anyone in pokemon universe either seeing as 10yo kids and their younger siblings are going on epic adventures around the world XD

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          Haha, it's true that I do have some sort of guidelines as far as letting them roam free (like when I let half of them go play games alone), but since Lokii was also looking all over the place, including underneath clothing, it could be somewhat concerning. Plus, peeviously I had the black fox pokemon mention professors trying to keep pokemon in their respective regions, and Lokii would be quite rare seeing as you can only get him from the professor in this game unless you breed. :) (You also cant get ditto until muuuch later on, too)