Big City PG 5: Must Be Going. by Pandactyle

Big City PG 5: Must Be Going.


13 December 2015 at 18:42:21 MST

I could've passed up this part altogether, but I figured people would want to know where the "Maril neighbor kid" was and "what about the Daycare Center" so I gave 'em some pages. <3

Page 80:

Page 82:


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    That logo on the phone XD

    And every time see that Marril's face I burst out laughing. I'm sure everyone else in the house thinks there's something wrong with me. Also nice work portraying Ally's forced cheerfulness, what did that kid do to her XD

    Now we need to find out who Joey is and who that crazy person is plastered up against the glass :)

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      Hahah, I dont know if they had it in the versions youve played, but in Gold version, you can get phone numbers from people and they call to just say random stuff, offer to have a rematch, or give you an item. In the beginning, this kid will offer to give you his number. He battles you and all he has is a rattata and his name is Joey. If you take his number he calls you bunches but all he talks about is his rattata and how awesome it is over and over and over. Lol

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    LoL annoying friend XD nope no phones in the version I played :)

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      Yeah, it's a massive joke in the poke'mon community for those that have played Gold and Silver version. xDDD He's soooo annoying.