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Vael sits on his knees, watching attentively as the service begins. His pupils dilate, he breathes slowly, and his heart races faster by the second. He can't even tell how many beats it's going anymore, focusing instead on the opening act. As much as he wants to be a masseur, he is fine with being the observer. His breathing gets deeper, his glasses slide down, and his ears stand up straight.

"Are you ready?" Rachel teases.

She wiggles her foot more slowly, inciting her audience until her shoe starts slipping. JJ gulps, slowly reaching for the shoe and pulling it off. His cheeks glow red as her foot is revealed. It is a slender yellow foot with four wiggling toes. Looking at her nails closely, her big toe has a white paw pad while her second toe has a silver ring.

Rachel grins mischievously. Somehow, she knew that both of these pups has a fetish, and the look in her eyes tell them that she planned this session... Perhaps from the moment she took that bookcase.

"What are you waiting for?"

She curls her toes, giving a beautiful display of her turquoise pedicure.


TRACK/CHAPTER 1: Tenancy~ Verse 3

"My my... the nails are beautiful..."

Rachel wiggles her toes, teasing JJ with their mesmerizing strokes.

"Well, if you think my toes are a sight to behold, then let's go!" Rachel winks and giggles.

JJ leans closer to her feet. He takes one foot in hand, stroking the toes and sole slowly. Rachel purrs in response, squirming back as the sensation washes on her sole. She licks her lips and spreads her toes, allowing JJ to go in between them, then curl them before spreading them again...

"You know, for a doggie, you know how to treat a kitten like a queen," Rachel blushes as she closes her eyes.

"I've, um... been told that I do this well," JJ looks to the ground bashfully, "In fact, if this were to be my job... you'd be my first customer here."

JJ slides his thumb up and down her sole and arch, then presses on her sole to apply some pressure, making her purr.

"If this would be a job, then what's stopping you?" Rachel peaks and giggles, pointing her big toe.

"I don't know, really. I have been figuring out what I've been trying to do, but I guess a masseur would be one of them." JJ presses on Rachel's sole and strokes it in circles.

"Well, I heard there is another masseur who lives in this town called 'Philly'," Vael adds, "I forgot his name, but I hear he goes up to Neumont sometimes to provide services."

"Here's an idea," Rachel bends down to JJ, "how about you go around NiVA and CyTech? I'm sure there'll be plenty of girls who want services from you!"

"I guess I could try. Do you anyone who would enjoy this treatment?" JJ sniffs up, catching a quick whiff of her scent. Her foot smells sweet enough for JJ to act on instinct, giving her sole a small kiss.

"Whoa, brother! You're going too fast!" Vael laughs.

"Oh, I'm sorry," JJ's blush gets even redder! He can barely come up with words now, stuttering as he tries to come up with an excu-

"Hehe!" Rachel giggles, poking JJ with her toe and giving a raspberry, "I knew you'd enjoy it!"

"Oh boy," Vael laughs, shaking his head.

"Why aren't you joining in?" Rachel asks Vael, "Don't tell me you're too shy to play with me!"

"Nah, I just want to give him a turn," Vael smirks while blushing, "I'll do it with you next time."

"Sure. And since Amanda isn't here..." Rachel playfully looks around, making sure that the door is shut and the curtains are closed, "How about we take this a step further?"

"W-what do you mean?" Both wolves stutter.

"I heard you panting like a dog," Rachel winks, poking JJ's nose with her toe, "You can't resist the charm, can you?

"Uhh..." JJ gulps, slowly picking up her foot and putting her toes near his lips. He slowly licks her big toe, once then twice. The feeling tickles her.

"Oh my..." Vael's blush intensifies, his tongue sticking out as he pants. His heart races at the display, his eyes locked on the teen's blue pedicure being worshiped by his roommate. His tail swishes like a pendulum, biting his lip to keep his hot breaths in.

JJ sniffs her toes, taking in the delicious aroma. Her toes spread, allowing JJ to sniff between them before planting kisses on her foot. His thumbs continue to press into his sole and rub it at an easy pace, the movements mixing with licks on her arch and heel. He licks on her sole and between her toes, making her purr in response. JJ fails to hide his pleasure any longer, his tail swishing nonstop as he puts one of her toes in his mouth, sucking on it slowly.

Vael focuses on JJ's rapid tail, mesmerized by its rapid movements. His eyes study the quick-moving fur, until...

"...Huh??" He feels something land on his shoulder. He quickly grabs it, making a loud, crackling sound. It's a piece of paper, and it isn't from JJ's notebook. Where did it come from? Vael turns his head and looks up, immediately finding his answer.

A large book leans on the side of the bookcase. Vael raises an eyebrow, certain that there were no books left in the case when they brought it in. Rachel purrs and JJ licks, both of their eyes closed as they immerse in their respective pleasures. Vael stands and reaches into the bookcase, turning the book to the side to see the title... there are no words on the front, not even an author or publisher.

"Hva i helv-"

The book flies open, revealing blank pages. Vael reaches for a page, his eyebrow still raised. His fingers slide on the paper, feeling the page's texture. It seems aged, but still able to to be written on. Suddenly, the sounds of a pencil reach his ears, making him leap back! Words appear out of thin air, forming two two sentences at the top of the page.

~The wolf still worships his feline prey, his hot breaths hitting her angelic foot. The delicious flavor gets stronger by the second, as he loses himself to the intensifying pleasure.~

Vael's jaw drops. He immediately knows what is happening... or does he? Raising his hand, his eyes snap wide and he lets out a yelp; his hand is no longer furry, but sketchy, as if his body is made from lead from a pencil. As he spins around the room, the furniture, the bed, and even the walls transform into a scenery on a sketchpad. Above Rachel, the words in the book appear on the walls, followed by another sentence.

~He is getting excited, his heart beating faster as the feline maiden is immersed in ecstasy. She never wants it to end. It wasn't long before they realize that living with each other would be quite the memorable experience... as long as her sister doesn't walk in on them.~

"H-Hva faen!? GUYS! STOP!" Vael alerts the duo, but no response, "STOP IT NOW!!"

"W-why? What's going..." JJ blinks until he catches the change the wall. He scans his environment, letting out a sharp gasp. He drops the foot and falls back, his pupils shrinking as he shakes his head! "What is this!?"

"What is 'what'?" Rachel's eyes open to the sketchy space. Whispering in Portuguese, she shoots to her feet, not only seeing more words appear on the wall, but looking at her now-sketchy paws. "W-What the hell is this!?"

~"What the hell is this?" Exclaims the feline! Her heart races, competing with her quickening breath in pace! Before her eyes, the world around her distorts in ways she never thought possible!~

"Ai, Meu Deus! This is so creepy! What's going on!?" Rachel puts her hands on her face to keep her jaw closed, but it does nothing since her eyes do more than enough to express her horror!

Vael closes his eyes and sniffs the air, catching a scent the others are not aware of. He breathes deeply, his eyes shooting open and narrowing in determination!

"There's no doubt about it... this is a phantasm."

"P-Phantasm??" JJ turns to the bookcase, noticing a open book that wasn't there before. It then dawns on him, "Holy shit. W-We bought a haunted bookcase, didn't we?! Is that what you're telling me now!?"

"It looks that way," Vael looks up to the wall as more words are written.

~"We bought a haunted bookcase, didn't we? Is that what you're telling me now!?" There is a great sense of alarm in Joshua's voice! The discovery pierced him like a shard of jagged glass!~

"Listen to me, both of you," Vael steps back, as if preparing for something, "I need you to trust me on this. Do you Understand?"

"Why?" Rachel's sweating bricks, "Do you know a way out of here?"

"...That IS why I want you to trust me, isn't it?" Vael rolls his eyes.

"Well, I know we just met, but you helped me out with this room. Things are going crazy now, but I don't see why I shouldn't trust you."

~JJ claims that he trusts him, but there is a bit of skepticism in his voice. Does this dog with the funny accent really do know a way out?~

"Slutt å kødd da.." Vael rolls his eyes. This phantasm is either an asshole, a bad comedian, or both. "Both of you stay back. I'm getting us out!"

Rachel cannot help but snicker at the newest sentence, but then her eyes lock onto Vael's wallet chain. He pulls the chain out of his pocket, revealing a jeweled pendant. Gripping the pendant tightly, he closes his eyes as he chants a spell under his breath. A gale spins around him, kicking up a dust of visible essence that clings onto his pendant. He lets out a mighty howl as he throws his hands up!


A blinding flash hits the two spectators! They block the light from their eyes, but as it finally fades, they are treated to an awesome sight... In Vael's hands is a long ancient sword! Etched on the blade are runes of an ancient tongue, and it shines in a golden aura as bright as the sun! Although a cooling aura spins around Vael, there is a noticeable heat building up in the blade, as if it is capable of melting anything it touches! A large puddle of mystic essence spreads underneath him, and a wave of energy spreads as he swings his sword!

"W-Whoa...!" JJ's jaw drops, his mind attempting to processing what is happening in front of him!

"W-what?" Rachel rubs her eyes to make sure she isn't hallucinating, "What in the world is that??"

~The cat and dog could not believe their eyes! Before them is a majesty that can be best described as an instrument forged by the gods!~

"Well, thanks for flattering me for once!" Vael quips sarcastically to the sentence, "I do need words of encouragement!"

"NO!!!" A deep, booming voice explodes out of nowhere, echoing through the victims' ears! Vael can feel a toxic aura approach, and his fur stands on end!

"Here he comes..."


The sentences swirl and compress together, forming a vortex with a pitch-black opening. Silence fills the room... then a MIGHTY FIST BURSTS OUT! The vortex expands until a gigantic man with a white wig and a portly head climbs out of the circle! Unlike his victims, he kept his skin tone, but his eyes are pitch black, except for an eerie red dot in the center. He grits his massive dentures at young trio with a writer's fury in his eyes!

"Is it me, or are we causing a writer's block?" JJ scratches his head, "Either way, he's pretty-"

"SILENCE!!" The giant's voice shakes the room, making Rachel lose balance! "YOU STUPID CRETINS! LOOK AT WHAT YOU-"

"HEI!" Vael shouts to catch the giant's attention! "You are the PageMaster, ja?"


"I have a simple request, and it is in your best interest to fulfill it," Vael casually leans on his sword, as if something like this doesn't faze him. "Let us out of this bookcase. NOW."

"Then allow me to repeat myself yet again! NO!! NOT UNTIL I ACHIEVE GREATNESS!"

"Uh, was your plan to reason with this guy? In case you haven't noticed, it's not working!" Rachel is close to falling back, her head scaling up at the sheer size of this adversary.

"That was the first plan. Now for the second..." Vael picks up his sword, holding it in combat stance. The runes on the blade glow in a golden aura, "We could've ended this peacefully, but you leave me no choice!"

"I-Is this really happening right now?" JJ shakes his head, "Okay, This is officialy the craziest thing I've ever seen!"

"You're telling me," Rachel responds.

"Trust me, guys," Vael's breaths are steady. He knows what will happen next, "As long as you stick with me, things could get even crazier!"

"Well, I can totally see that!"

"I WANT THAT HEINOUS HOODLUM HAMMERED!!" PageMaster points down at Vael. The letters spin in the air again, suddenly sharpening into a storm of throwing knives! The objects seek onto Vael and burst towards him!

"HA!!" Vael hits the letters with his blade, and in seconds they burn away. More letters are summoned, and they zoom at him like missiles! He holds up his sword to block them, but they stick to his blade! Before Vael could blink, they explode and trap him in ball of smoke!

"VAEL!!" Rachel and JJ rush to help Vael!

"I SAID STAY BACK! BOTH OF YOU!" The smoke spreads out and disperses. It clears away in seconds, showing a furious Vael grinding his fangs, a broken scabbard held tightly in hand!

"Oh shit..." JJ jumps back the moment he caught Vael's expression! Things are REALLY getting serious!

"DRITTSEKK!! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!!" Vael slams the scabbard on the ground, and it disappears in sparks of aura! His chained pendant reappears in hand!

"...Okay, so I had a small setback!" The PageMaster summons another set of letters which encircle him, ready to fire at his command. "The battle has just begun!"

"NO! THIS BATTLE ENDS NOW!" Vael throws his hand up again, pointing the pendant's jewel to the sky! "GUNGNIR!!"

A fountain of energy erupts from his hand. The liquid energy falls around him and forms a puddle of golden essence. JJ and Rachel cover their eyes to keep out the light, this time catching a glimpse of a long object appearing.

"What's next?" Rachel brings down her eyes, releasing a sharp gasp at the new weapon. In Vael's hand is a long golden spear, the weapon's length being as long as his height! The head of the spear has four long prongs, and the tip of the head shines in a white aura!

"This spear will be your end, phantasm!" Vael prepares to throw it, his aim holding true as it points directly at the PageMaster!

"IN A WORD, YOU'LL ALL BE STRUCK!!" PageMaster prepares another barrage of blades!

"Prøv meg!" Vael's spear coats in a golden flame! The trail of aura grows longer by the second, burning away the paper of the distorted world!

"This is amazing... I never been part of something so cool before...!" JJ's eyes reflect the shining majesty before him. A divine spear vs. bladed words... which one shall prevail!?

PageMaster spreads the letters out, to target all of his adversaries. The font of the letters expand in size as the phantasm forms a sinister grin!

"FIRE!!!" At his command, the barrage speeds down!

"THROW THE THING, VAEL," Rachel falls back, holding up her hand to futilly block the black missiles! "PLEASE! THROW I-"

"HYAAA!!!" Arching back, Vael finally unleashes his weapon! It tears through the barrage and speeds right into PageMaster's face!

"DRAT!! DOUBLE DRA-" PageMaster's tantrum ends with a rip! His face is torn, the words disperse, the pages shred, and the world goes up in golden flame!


The ghostly book explodes into confetti, as the bookcase bursts in silver light!


Croaking in pain, the PageMaster utters his final words...


"I... HATE... THAT... H..."



Phantasm #444
Origin: Europe
Formation: Circa 1700s
Type: Revenant
Class: 2
Said to be the spirit of a failed Welsh author, this revenant died of starvation before he could finish his 3rd novel. The manuscript has since perished in a fire, and his spirit haunts the old bookcase which to this day stands the test of time. It is said that he is looking for fresh materials to write a new novel, and to one day achieve the fame he never got in life.



Orientation Arc
Track (Chapter) 1: Tenancy
Verse 3

JJ volunteers to return the favor to Rachel, pampering and worshipping her "tired" feline feet. But the evening takes a twisted turn and the session is interrupted by a sudden and shocking dilemna! Finding no other way out of it, Vael has no choice but to reveal an astonishing secret to his new friends...

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Literary / Other