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Hello all you OtioseFanatic channel fans! Welcome to my Weasyl account where I will posting some general channel related artwork and links to all of my episodes as they are released. Enjoy!

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Goodbye Weasyl.

on 5 March 2016 at 08:38:49 MST

It would seem that I have a problem with the Weasyl admin staff and their guidelines being a bunch of art nazis who can choose what is and it not "creative." I just have had my ENTIRE gallery stripped, with the only notice I have gotten being this message:

Hi, OtioseFanatic.
I'm letting you know, I've removed the following submissions from your gallery:
Otiose Fanatic Plays Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Part 01
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Police Quest Swat 2
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Blood Drive
Otiose Fanatic PERMADEATH: Space Rangers HD part 01
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Mechassault for XBOX
Otiose Fanatic PERMADEATH: Space Rangers HD part 02
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Crimson Skies
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Gungriffon Blaze (PS2)
Otiose Fanatic PERMADEATH: Space Rangers 03a
Otiose Fanatic PERMADEATH: Space Rangers HD part 03b
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Gundam Crossfire (PS3)
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Conker Live and Reloaded
Otiose Fanatic Plays: Tail Concerto, Part 01 (PS1)
This is to comply with the community guidelines, Section II.G.3, which states the following:
"'Let’s Plays' and other similar videos must show creative effort on the part of the user submitting or on the part of the subjects of the video, for example as in an in-depth review."
These videos appears to simply be gameplay footage with running commentary, hence are not acceptable uploads to Weasyl. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you wish to file a complaint, please contact support@weasyl.com.
Thank you,

Its really sad to see Weasyl dropping the ball again. I could spend time making the argument that commentary about the game's mechanics are indeed what reviews are, but whats the point? This is why, when you guys first made the site that soo many people flocked from Inkbunny and Furaffinity, but after a short while began flocking back because of the MUCH more stringent upload guidelines. Sure, my reviews are not as flashy or well edited as ones that have a lot more money thrown into them but they are still creative works. And now I am being told that Weasyl, a site for uploading and sharing one's creative works, doesnt want mine. It is not fair to judge one's work as not creative enough for a site like this, unless of course it somehow infringes on law, and my videos do not. I may not be as talented as some of the artists here, who can get well over a hundred dollars for a single picture, but that doesn't mean my work should not be seen. If such restrictive minimum quality guidelines were what you were going for then you should have made a paysite, not a pretend creative upload site. Weasyl has lost yet another creator until such a time that the site learns that beggers, cannot be choosers.

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