Fox Hunt by Otakuwolf

Fox Hunt


24 May 2018 at 07:13:55 MDT

"Hey ! We are faster, can't we just outrun them ? I'm not sure this is a good idea..."
"And allow them to shoot at my back ? Nobody shoots at my back !"
"But they are already doing it !"
"You'll see, just sit back and watch !"
"I'm already sitting back here !..."

Ok, that was a bit thought on the spot, anyway, this is the first picture i want to bring to Eurofurence as a unique print on canvas.

Since this year theme is "Aviators" i thought to draw something related to it, like some chase/dogfight scene with some sort of cockpit view.
I don't know why but i imagined a scene of a strong vixen pilot with a geeky fox companion escaping from some bad guys.
Maybe they know too much ? Maybe they have something the bad guys want ? I leave it up to you ^.^

Even if the planes are unrealistic (but still inspired from actual designs) i tried to put a little bit of realism into the picture in some features like the position of the cloche matching the position of the flaps, the "smoke" on the planes wingtips, and i also tryed to give it the sensation of the "rolling scissors" manouver with the background and the plane smoke on the tail (pointed also by the tail and wings flaps position).

Image © Otakuwolf 2018

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    Kind of brings me into the mind of that old Iron Maiden song, Aces High. Great work!

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      Not a heavy metal kind, but thanks :D:D:D !!!

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    I LOVE this! The characters look really fun XD

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    Reminds me of something Richard Moran said during one of this WW2 tank lectures, and I paraphrase: "It was found that who ever got off the first shot usually won the battle. Mainly because whoever got off the first shot was calm, cool, and ready to make it. While the other person on the other end of the shot was now suddenly having a rather emotional moment."