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Been in the furry fandom since 1989 or so.
I am a frustrated writer, an aggravated gamer, a sweaty fursuiter, and a obsessed car enthusiast.

I have been mated to the artist silverlonewolf for the last 10 years.

Latest Journal

Looking to commission someone... anyone...

I am about to say those sixteen little words that generally makes anyone of the “artistic persuasion” run away in absolute fear: “I am working on a personal project, and need someone to do some artwork for me.”

Looking for:
Any artist(s) whose style would fall within the themes of Japanese Anime, in particular the super robot genre such as Gundam UC. The goal is to develop, and produce a series of black ink illustrations(digital is acceptable) of a character mecha to define its looks and characteristics for further artwork down the road. But right now, I am only expecting to see both a front and rear angle sketches for this phase of the project to be produced.
There is a rough design at the moment to start from to establish the basic shapes, but I am looking for additional input to further flesh it out. There is no real time frame to complete this, and I understand that it may take several weeks due to other priorities and the nature of life in general.
Am willing to pay for services and time to complete this phase of my project, and I am rather negotiable on such terms.

My preferred method of payment is through PayPal, but am willing to use other services if necessary.
You will receive credit for any and all completed work.
If everything works out, there will be a need for further artwork in the near future.
If interested, please contact me privately or via email: Noah.Offical @

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