Shaw discovers bowling by Otakuwolf

Shaw discovers bowling


14 January 2018 at 13:21:40 MST

Finished fanart for "Shaw" in FA

Not many know that Bowling dates to ancient times. Back then, slaves were employed to roll giant round boulders up the long ascending corridors of temples and palaces for rich and rulers, who eagerly waited for raiders and uninvited guests to use as living pins for theyr entertainment. As time passed, "pins" became rarer to find as became aware of this form of entertainment, or were outright unavailable after emptying the prisons to find more. Everything eventually reach an end, and so did the Bowling... However, ancients were hard to give up, so they had architects and slaves build bowling alleys in theyr tombs to enjoy it in the afterlife too, patiently waiting for centuries for new unaware pins to entertain theyr spirits once more again...

...Ok, maybe this is just a silly story but sure bowling is fun... usually.

Shaw © his player
image © Otakuwolf

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    1) The Indiana Jones theme started up in my head as soon as I saw this
    2) I didn't know there was a hieroglyphic for "plug tail" :)

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      1) I expected that at somepoint ^.^
      2) Oh oO ?

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        Green "tic-tac-toe" board, top row, far left end. Second hieroglyph from the left. Right under the three seated canines at the very top of the pic.

        There's another one, partially visible, in the fourth row of the "tic-tac-toe" board - the boulder obscures the left side of it.

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          Oh that... dunno, was in the font ^^;