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Coral and Skyla - Moped Sale [Commission] by Or-Fi-S

Coral and Skyla - Moped Sale [Commission]


So this morning I found out that Rismic passed away. I wasn't really close to her, but she was honestly the most fun person to work with.She had fun ideas, and her characters were just fleshed out enough, and open enough, to always give fun ideas and enough freedom to work with. I don’t know the details of her passing, and don’t feel it’s appropriate to ask, but she did leave with me 2 commissions.

I was really excited to do them, and still fully intend to. Here’s the first, which has a sort of funny story, in that I was the one to approach her with the idea. I thought of a transformed Naga selling their moped, cause, well, there’s no way should could fit, and I immediately thought of Rismic’s Coral. I wish I could have shown her the finished piece. It was hard to stop working on it.

I'm going to miss drawing her characters. It's been a really fun working with her this past year.

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    That's really a shame about her passing. Really neat that you finished the outstanding commissions though, and I really like how this one turned out. Cute story, and captured very well here in the poses and expressions and all. Cute outfit too, I love the jacket and boots.