Happy Halloween 2013 - Layla-Ne and Wildfire by Oreana

Happy Halloween 2013 - Layla-Ne and Wildfire


28 January 2014 at 19:36:12 MST

"Since when did you learn how to dance?" Layla-Ne asked teasingly as Wildfire directed her hands where they were supposed to be on his body.

Wildfire scoffed playfully. "I can dance--just not the dancing you do, my bride."

"But--ballroom dancing? This is still news to me." She rose her brow at his muffled laughter she could hear following her comment. "Somebody taught you, didn't they?"

"Maybe," Wildfire answered vaguely with a smile on his muzzle. "Are you ready?" With an affirmed nod from his wife, Wildfire began to lead Layla-Ne in a series of slow steps across the ballroom floor. Mindful of her feet, he did exactly as his grandmother taught him.

Last Year's Halloween image.

Wildfire and Layla-Ne dressed up and going out for Halloween, apparently. Layla-Ne as Sally and Wildfire as Jack though, because of his collar, he cannot wear the big bow tie. Sorry guys! I must admit..I've only seen The Nightmare Before Christmas once and that was 5 years ago, actually. ^^; I still find the characters enjoyable, and I figured 'what the hay--it'll be fun'.

Characters/art: Oreana

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    Really like your stuff hon, Its sonic like and a difference made by you.
    I hope to see many more

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      Thank you so much~! <3 I appreciate the kind comment and the favorites as well. :D (Very lovely icon, by the way!)

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        Why thank you, kinda just changed them heh
        You most welcome as well, keep at it