The Princess and the Painter by Oreana

The Princess and the Painter


28 January 2014 at 19:33:44 MST

I enjoy all my OCs in different ways, as they mean a good deal to me, but I have a big fondness of Bernard, my painter/writer echidna. I imagine him being the painter that I wished I could be--the one that paints landscapes and what not--the ones my dreams used to tease me about. xD Also, with him having such a docile personality, I feel it could easily balance out mine. When my relationship started to become a mess, I found myself writing snippets and doodling the two in AU settings to ease my mind, and it certainly did dull the pain immensely.

Oreana is a Princess of a fantasy world that is inhabited by humans and anthros, so this sort of setup wouldn't be farfetched, really. The fantasy world isn't set in an Egypt, Egypt setting--it's set in an Egyptian type world thus why not all of the hieroglyphs make sense and she's a lighter skin color. Oreana doesn't really enjoy/like her royal heritage, and honestly, if I could draw her bored out of her mind, lying on the throne with the title 'I'd rather be gaming', I'd do it--because that's her, really, as you've seen from her times in MGD. Also, being marked by Anubis, everyone sees her as the Daughter of Death and avoids her if they recognize her. (Thus why she takes no pride in her linage or where she comes from). She does have a younger and older brother she leans on and, if Bernard is the royal painter, I imagine she'd see a fair share of him too.

The half painting in the background is probably her father, Lord Saa as the Queen Moswen is hidden and rarely seen for many reasons. ;P

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