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Moleskine Collab: FC 2014 by Orangetavi

Moleskine Collab: FC 2014


Click for a larger, seamless version!

During Further Confusion (FC) 2014, a sketchbook was passed around for multiple artists to collaborate together. The aim was to continue drawing off the lines of the previous page while leaving clue lines for the next artist. It was inspired by Project .:Moleskine:. on deviantArt.

This is the result of our efforts. Each artist used their own chosen mediums, ranging from pencils to markers, all drawn in a Moleskine Japanese Album.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the sketchbook around enough to fill out all 24 pages and missed out on several artists, but hopefully next year at FC (and maybe other cons) we can get even MORE than 24 artists!


** Warning: Some links may contain NSFW material!*

OrangeTavi OrangeTavi
TairuPANdA TairuPANdA
EmoRottie EmoRottie
Iaido Iaido
Vasuki Vasuki
DaiStudios DaiStudios
Yama Yama
Gazpacho Gazpacho
LilChu LilChu
Seel Seel
Cybill Cybill
Dwudles Dwudles


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    Wow. That's really awesome. Quite an interesting concept for a collab.

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    This is fucking cool.