ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by onionsandleeks



23 May 2016 at 19:49:29 MDT

Filename for this was "Anxiety Incarnate". IDk if I was very anxious when I did this though, since I find coloring p relaxing.

I think I did this all on one layer. Mostly I was just in a mood to do really exaggerated, bright shapes and not worry too much. Painting like this has pretty much been my go-to zen thing lately, haha.

If I could get my tablet to play nice with Paintberri, I'd be doing that a lot more.

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    Oh my!!

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    Paintberri is something I haven't heard of before. How does it behave in comparison to CSP or SAI? Like OpenCanvas? Or more of an oekaki-type deal?

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      omg im so sorry i didnt see this... i havent gotten onto Weasyl in like forever!

      But yeah, its actually kind of a hybrid of the two? like the interface and feel is a lot more like CSP/SAI, and you get tools like a pen/brush/marker/airbrush etc with toggle settings for opacity, flow, and so on. It also saves your brush settings, saves copies of your work (and can duplicate it if you want to make multiple versions) and gives you two layers to work on. You can now also upload art to Paintberri, tho it has to be digital and 600x800. c: Its a pretty fun site! Unfortunately my tablet is a huion so it doesnt have very good driver support... I actually have to use internet explorer to get pen pressure, god help me.