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Borne of Solitude by Onic

Borne of Solitude

Borne of Solitude


A song for the lonely, that they might remember how solitude carries them.

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    It's like a stroke on my mind, a sweet candy on my tongue, a fresh spring morning near the see. I love it !

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      It amazes me how music affects us differently. I wrote this entire song in one sitting, during a very lonesome time last year, yet it can also evoke joy. It proves the artist can never fully know what happens within the soul of the listener. This mystery invigorates my efforts to make magic.

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        Usually I take candies while feeling down a bit. It help cheering up.

        And I never said fresh spring morning was joyful ! Au contraire, it tends to make me think, about nature, about fate and stuff. About the path mankind is stepping on.

        Nothing really joyful, even if after 3:10 some parts of light can enhance the mood of a day.

        Sad of joyful, anyway, I don't see why I argue cuz it's amazing in both points of view xD

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          Chocolates are my special treat. :P

          And you still prove my point: I cannot know what you feel, even after you tell me! What a humbling thought.

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    Love the song, also forgot I had open to .. and the song on there so goes with this. just so amazing on both fronts

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      What an interesting combination. I never thought to liken the upcoming end of the world with Majora's Mask.

      Cool. Such a good game, and good music.