Rebecca Is Ready For Her Shootings by oneitvan

Rebecca Is Ready For Her Shootings


30 October 2017 at 08:13:06 MDT

As the summer is going to be in season within a few months, many magazine companies are picking the best models that they could find for being in cover of their next issue. One of these models that got picked is the northwestern wolf girl, Rebecca Howler. Her contact have asked her that she is going to dress as lifeguard and pretending to be one on a beach shore during the shoot. Upon hearing this news it excites her more than ever as Rebecca enjoys of having her shootings that takes place outdoor relating. This also pleases with her professional photographer while during the shoot she gives out a natural smile that any photographer truly loves to take.

This is the last of the three pieces Steveszarka13 have drawn for me by commission. After the long story that I did for my Belle Oliver, I wanted make Rebecca's short and simple. If you like his artwork then hit his icon (or his FurAffinity account if you have one or both) and follow him. Even more if you want a commission(s) from him, he does have a monthly commissions queue that opens in the beginning of the month in both sites.

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Artwork Copyright steveszarka13

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