Inktober 4 Dragon Dash by oneflymagpie

Inktober 4 Dragon Dash


4 October 2016 at 19:46:42 MDT

Day four of Inktober, still on the move! This time I wanted to do another kinetic kind of piece for a very rad dragon adopted from squeedgemonster squeedgemonster Her character's shaping up, but word on the street is she goes under the pseudonym Bobbie (you'll need to snag her driver's license for her real name!) and she is all about spitting hot takes and fire.

Definitely feeling like I am building up excellent momentum with these drawings, it has been a lot of fun and I've been pretty satisfied! Progress, piece by piece--trying new things all the time, pushing to keep on honing my own style and battling to keep a drive for better speed.

It's all quite the adventure and I'm pleased as punch to have you folks who have been following along and encouraging me on this path! Coming up in November will be one year since I started these drawing pursuits and I'm -so- excited for what the future yet holds! ^<^

Here's a link to an animated gif of the process:

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