A Capering Clyde - Prayke Art Trade by oneflymagpie

A Capering Clyde - Prayke Art Trade


11 July 2016 at 09:00:17 MDT

A piece for an art trade with Prayke www.prayke.com !

This is Clyde, one of Prayke's original characters--and quite a cute little fellow at that! He's an introverted, adventurous kid who just wants to explore and make people proud--and I love the little guy to pieces! I'm very excited and proud about how this piece turned out and learned a lot of great new techniques, methods and maneuvers throughout the process that I feel will carry forward to making all my future pieces shine that much more.

I'm very happy with the handiwork here and bristling with excitement, really; if you're reading this right now and maybe or maybe not familiar, it's been about seven months now since I started pushing to draw seriously (you can peek in my scraps if you'd like to see some of where I started!) and to have reached a point where I can produce something at this level fills me with great happiness.

So, I'd like to take a moment as well to thank all of you who have followed along with me, encouraged me, offering kind words and support--it has made all the world to this bird, and I'm very excited to see how much farther I can take my drawing in the next seven months in kind!

Here is as ever a time-lapse gif of the process behind this piece, albeit it misses some stretches from when I did a lot of work without progress snapshots: http://i.imgur.com/o1QGSAu.gifv

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    That's a very energetic jump pose.. Something you'd see in parkour. Jumping feet-first over an obstacle.

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      Thanks! I was very keen to have it be a very lively and active pose, so this one turned out quite fun to draw!

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        That's good. And you're welcome.