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SimCity 2000 Installer


12 November 2012 at 07:18:39 MST

Update: has released the full CD in their CD ROM Software Library so SimCity 2000 can be freely downloaded by anyone. The link is here: Enjoy!

Still have your copy of SimCity 2000 For Windows? Wish you could play it on your Windows 7 system but can't get the installer to work? Good News! You can now! I've made this semi-simple program in Visual Basic .Net that will install SC2K for you (as long as you have the files.) Just find the SC2K folder on your CD (Find the SC2K folder in WIN95 on the CD above) or if it's on your computer, any folder with the files in it and install! It does everything from registering it to installing shortcuts! Remember, this is a BETA program, so if you find a bug, it would be great if you could report it!

Compatible with:
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (Win10 appears to have full functionality with SCURK if you use the link above to download SimCity)

Tutorial video (Made by douglasac10):

Version (2/6/2018):


+Upgraded settings storage (doesn't save setting strings as files anymore)
+Reduced zip size from 122 KB to 115 KB

Older versions:

Version (7/9/2016):
+Restructured code from earlier point
+ACTUALLY fixed shortcuts and menu items not being created
+Better patching system (no longer need to include the raw binary files!)
+Reduced zip size from 520 KB to 122 KB
-Removed multithreading as it was not necessary and poorly implemented
+Improved registry function
+No more need to unzip the installer, now works out of the box
+Other major bug fixes

+Minor bug fixes
+Fixed shortcuts not being created

+Menu Item
+SCURK Compatibility
+Version display
+Custom Language Selection
+Menu Folder Selection
+ToolTips (Hover over certain labels for more information)
+Slightly smoother loading bar
+Compiled with .NET 3.5 for added compatibility

+Create Desktop Shortcut Fix
-Menu Item
+SC2K Load/Save Patch (This fixes the bug that closes SC2K when you try to open or save a city.)
+Register Only Option Fix

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    I hate to bug you, but I'm not having much luck with this on an x86_64 Windows 7 system.

    It initially barfs during install with the error "Could not find file 'C:\\Users\\Yellowfin\\Desktop\\location'." ( which I can resolve by manually creating the file myself with"E:\\WIN95\\SC2K" as its contents. However, it still runs into trouble afterwards, bringing up the following errors:

    1. > Something went wrong with the files...
    2. > Something went wrong with the patch. :(

    I can successfully launch the game after this, but the aforementioned bug where the game dies as soon as it tries to open a load/save dialog is still present. :c Any ideas?


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      Odd, to get the backslashes to show up in the preview I had to escape them with backslashes... but now they both show up. Sorry about that.

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        I'll look into it tonight after work. From the error message, looks like it's not finding a file it uses during the installation, which is very odd. For now though, you can actually rename RAWDATA.DAT to SIMCITY.EXE and paste it into the simcity folder and it will patch the game.

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          That did the trick! Thanks!

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    I've got to say, I was not expecting "Install an old copy of SC2K" to take me to DeviantArt and then Weasyl! Thank you very much for this installer though, it worked great.

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      Gotta show Weasyl a little love!

      Glad I could help

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    Hey, amazed you have done this, so cool to see SC2K still going. But appears to be down?

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      Yeah, I haven't been maintaining my site lately. Kind of burnt out, not to mention for some reason it's being flagged by a large amount of antivirus companies as malware. I've gotten a few of them to whitelist it, but it's an annoyance. I can't upload the file to any file sharing services since they detect them as malware. I'll get my site up at some point probably this month though.

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        Yeah, please upload it, got a hankering to play some classic Simcity 2000. Now if only we could get Streets and SImcopter to work properly, we'd be golden.

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      Site's back up