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Onai / 32 / Female / Rural Wisconsin

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My name's Onai, I don't go by much else aside from "Wolf", "scuddle", or whatever else folks fathom up. I live in rural Wisconsin with my lovely mate and share our home with many wonderful creatures, both physically and spiritually. Our small menagerie/tribe/family consists of Speed, myself, our ball python, Chojoe, and always in spirit, our beloved siberian husky, Jazmine, whom we lost to cancer in August.
We live a simple life, really. Speed drives semi's for a living while I create things. When I say things, i mean primarily fursuits but I am constantly being inspired by the world around me and the gears in my head are always churning up new ideas for projects. My mind is a driving force as is my heart in my life. I've made mistakes in the past, but everyone has. I have had the chance to meet and be intertwined (not like, that! Pervs!) with many wonderful people on a purely platonic level. I am thankful for every chance that I have had to interact and know people! Life is beautiful as is every driving force in it, both the negative and the positive- I like the positive side of things MUCH more, though!

I -do- make fursuits for a living! Here are some little tidbits I also do here and there:

artwork -of all types, mediums, etc- I LOVE color! So many people run from it and while I MAY be monochromatic, I love me some colors!
photography- I don't have anything fancy, though some might call it that, a Canon 350D that I still make good use of!
archery- I've been shooting for over a decade now :) I have a PSE deer hunter that's been with me through it all. Compound shooter here :>
fishing- My family owns part of a camp in Ontario that's right on lake of the woods and Speed's mom lives up in northern Wisconsin, just south of the Upper Peninsula of MI. I can tell you a big fish story or twelve!
boating- We own a pontoon that's on the water most weekends during the summer. It dosen't have a ton of hp, but some black on it in the future would make it absolutely insane :D (boat people understand)
skull/bone collecting- I'm fascinated with natural history and have obtained quite thee collection over the years. Everything is ethically sourced, of course. the pinnacles of my collection (no replicas, all natural bone) are my Alaskan wolf, Impala, and a gigantic, hand painted moose shed antler.
music- EDM= love. 'nuff said. I love music of all sorts, though!
-Reptiles-I love reptiles, snakes to be more specific, pythons to be even more specific. I've kept quite a few over the years and love them to bits and pieces. Whenever possible, I rescue snakes and give them wonderful homes and spoil them rotten for the rest of their lives. No "tubs" or "racks" here- custom built, large enclosures for everyone :)
Traveling- I have traveled alot in my days and have journeyed to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Bahamas. I've also been on more roadtrips throughout the USA than I can count!
Whatever else I happen to be interested in. I'm fascinated by this world that we live in and share with so many wonderful creatures!
I'm an easy going, polite person to get along with most of the time!

I've been to 43 conventions, so you might have seen me here or there :)

Don't be scared to say hello! I don't bite.....often. <--WIP Blog

Trades- 2D art ONLY.




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