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Book One Chapter Five by Omnimaster

Book One Chapter Five

Galaxian Chronicles book one; The Gathering

Chapter five

The Husky didn’t look interested with the other generals, who were quickly surrounded by bandits, as he slowly proceeded to move closer to the throne. However Omni was standing alone at the bottom of the steps before he got surrounded, his blade pointed at the Husky, not sure what he was up to. Without warning, two more figures suddenly had their blades to Omni’s throat, one was a purple scythe that Omni swore he could hear crackling of electricity at the back of his neck, the other was twin swords in a scissor formation at the base of his neck, whoever they are, they knew how to take down tough opponents before.

The Figure with the Twin Swords was a Red wolf with gold markings on his face with a cruel smile glaring up at him; the other with the scythe was a pure white wolf with black markings on his eyes and a ice expression on his face. The husky then moved past them and stopped behind them, looking up at the throne. “I hope you know why I am here...princess…your majesty…” his voice sounded like he had venom behind a courteous voice. The Queen’s Hoplites already surrounded the princess spears and shields pointed at the husky as the Queen rose menacingly, “How dare you come here…with an army no less” her voice sounded lost in rage.

“Now now my queen...wouldn’t want to risk the lives of your troops would you?” the husky pointed to the surrounded Generals and guards, even to Omni in a manner that anyone could say was taunting and in control of the fight for now. “Damn you Ikuto…” the Queen hissed as she tensed and clutched her dresses long and swaying sleeves. “What do you want?!” she snapped at Ikuto. “Why the princess hand and Mark , of course” he sounded at ease. Lina shrank back, hiding behind the soldiers in front of her, “N-NEVER?!” she shrieked “I turned you down on your offer before!?”

Omni alone could hear the drips of tears from Lina and something snapped and he spoke up before anyone else could speak “OVER MY DEAD CORPSE!?” Everyone glanced at the now furious Omni with either surprise, bewilderment, or in the case of the invading Ikuto, bitter rage. “I will give you another chance princess…either accept me in five days…or I will destroy everything in this pathetic kingdom and I will take you by force…I will return within five days…have your answer ready by then…” his voice was now dripping with venom and hate that looked like he was ready to already lash out at anyone.

The attackers at Omni’s throat slowly backed away and followed their troops out, Ikuto, as he tried to pass by Omni , was stopped by Omni’s blade. ”You think you can attack a kingdom with this many people?” Omni’s eye were fixed on Ikuto’s, failing to notice the huge sword at Ikuto’s back. “I will do what is necessary to rule” Ikuto grabbed Omni by the throat and tossed him to the stairs, were Omni fell in a heap on it with a yelp of severe pain from his wounds that were still healing, blood splurting out in a small gush out of his mouth.

After Ikuto left all the generals and Lina rushed to Omni’s side. Omni, who was struggling to get up on his own, Looked enraged after Ikuto and screamed at him “COWARD!!!” Omni then collapsed to one knee, in pain. Lina caught him however, looking scared at him and the blood on his lips, Omni looked away, seeing her cry again, but this time for him. “Bring him up here” the Queen commanded. Doing as they were told, Shade and the Wyren were taking him by each arm, placing them behind their heads and carried him up, Omni stepped in step with them to put his own weight on his feet.

As Omni reached the top, a slap awaited him as the Queen back handed him, growling at him “how could you push yourself in your condition, after Lina tried so hard to bind those wounds!” Omni’s eyes went wide, clearly not knowing that Lina had healed him “f-forgive me..i had no id-“ before he could finished the queen placed her paw on his side that was bleed, making him yelp, he could feel ice flooding the wound, was he being healed? “That should get you on your feet and fighting status…we need your help with that bastard…will you please follow follow me and Lina to my study? Omni noded and got off the shoudlers of those that were carrying him and followed the Queen and the crying Lina…

Book One Chapter Five


18 March 2013 at 09:19:55 MDT

OWIE that fuckin hurt bein tossed like a ragdoll man..oh well, what is the queen thinking now?

Mature for Blood and violence

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    why am i crying :I murrr

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      cause i got hurt and HE scared you ;~;