YCH Medieval Tavern by o-kemono

YCH Medieval Tavern


19 July 2015 at 06:59:32 MDT

The final illustration piece of the YCH Medieval Tavern auction. 11x28 using inks for the outlines and Photoshop for coloring. Tired to get another level of tight detail and light/shadows.

I used some 3D models and actual taverns to get the architecture and lighting of the interior. There is actually a real Medieval Tavern here in Quebec called Dragon Rouge Tavern - The Red Dragon Tavern. Thought about that place while drawing this image.

This took me more time to ink and color due to the perspective of the image as well as the deep crimson shadowing and costumes. But it was all fun to do!

Thanks everyone who supported this image!

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artwork © 2015 Alex Cockburn


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    Is it just me, or did this get better? This is a fun image to get sucked into, lots of characters up to things...