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Wallpapers commissions! by OkamiNeko

Wallpapers commissions!


28 April 2015 at 04:58:31 MDT

Hey! Going to make something new!

I'm now open for custom wallpapers of the following designs! You can chose everything from the color, to the picture, and what am I supposed to represent!
Each wallpaper are in 4K UHD (3840*2160) so it fits most of our screens (Phone, tablet, computer, TV, microwave...) but you can also ask for other resolutions, or even have mutiple resolutions! As I know some Apple Mac computers have a 5K display, and some people's phones are in 2K (And with 4K, it's not fitting the screen perfectly.)

Here are the prices:
-For one wallpaper, you pay €1.00
-And for a second wallpaper, you add €0.25, and for a third you add €0.25, etc, etc...
-You can also buy the Super Bundle, with a wallpaper of each design, for €1.50!

To make your order, please contact me via Twitter: [Public DM's not openned to avoid getting spam from random accounts.]
Or via gmail: lineproex[at]gmail[dot]com (Please don't spam me. That's utterly stupid.)
Or send me a private message here, on Weasyl!
I'll tell you when to pay. So please, don't send money until you're told to. Thanks!

Feel free to share!

(More to come soon...)

P.S.: I was supposed to upload that on my DeviantArt first as it's where I post all my wallpapers. But DA decided to give me an error 502, which makes me unable to submit anything...

Submission Information

Visual / Desktop / Wallpaper