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Hi. I'm Julien. I'm Okami Neko.

I'm more known as Virtual Glitch though.

I make music and stuff I think. I also love photography.
I principally make Electronic music. Not EDM. EDM is shit.
I make DnB, House, Chillstep, Melodic and some other cool stuff.
I learn designing because I have time to waste.

I pretend to be a cat called July Miko.
Why July? It's how a german friend used to call me. "A cute name for a cute person." (Indeed I don't look cute...)
Why Miko? It's the two last letters of the words Okami and Neko (Or the words in my nickname.)

Feel free to tweet @ me, to share my work and to provide hugs! I don't bite and I hug back if you help me out by showing the world my talents! :3



Twitter (Furry)
Twitter (Music)



Single wallpaper
€ 1.00

4K UHD (3840*2160) wallpapers.

Fully custom:
-what am I supposed to represent
-image on background for blur minimal
-image on flat wallpapers

Multiple resolutions of one wallpaper for free.
Add a wallpaper to your order for only €0.25

(NSFW pictures not accepted. Sorry.)