Fiona 2.0 by odoke

Fiona 2.0


24 July 2017 at 14:56:14 MDT

Another ref that I've already had done for a bit, and I just needed to fill in the colors really. I decided I kinda like the bare minimum visual reference image and I'll just put more data in the descriptions/accompanied text. In that light, I also updated her profile a tad. (I'm also going back and editing Pilvi's ref description with similar information.)

Profile & info:
Fiona's demeanor is grumpy and aloof, and is also pretty sensitive so her moods tend to spike and drop. She's fine up until something she's insecure about (her height, general size, feelings for Bailey) comes up, which is when she becomes defensive. Fiona can also be pretty rude and blunt, and in a rage she can be childish. Her speech is rough and informal whether or not she's trying to make herself seem bigger. She likes to fight and is surprisingly good at it, though she probably should stop.
But in truth, Fiona just cares way too much about her friends and is able to put her own fragile feelings aside to put her loved ones first when it really matters.
She loves quiet mornings, being left alone, climbing, reading, and video games. What a shocker.

Notes about design and permissions for drawing Fiona:
1. NSFW is allowed for Fiona. (please limit to pinup type stuff though)
2. She gay.
3. Crude, uncouth mannerisms and defensive stances are common.
4. Her feet can be drawn as shown in the reference image or as regular humanlike feet, I don't really care. If paw pads are included, put them on her feet only, and they're a light pink with some dark brown splotches.
5. She's a tortoiseshell calico cat, so you don't have to strictly adhere to the colors and patterns on the reference sheet provided. It's more like a general guide since torties are hard to color.
6. She tends to wear loose baggy shirts and tank tops with spats/spankies/bike shorts or just regular shorts with whatever else. She's a fan of being comfortable and not having a lot of cloth in her way.
7. Please don't change her chest size, she's about an A to a small B cup, for some reason I'm really particular about this.

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