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on 11 August 2016 at 04:42:01 MDT

Just wanted to have something up that isn't a year old.
This is a good site.

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$ 15.00


from $ 30.00
to $ 45.00

Payment must be up front and in full. I will send you a paypal invoice once I receive and confirm your order. After I receive payment, I will start the drawing. (Please don’t send payment and expect me to start immediately if we haven’t spoken to each other yet)
◇ No major changes will be made to the drawing once the sketch is approved by you. Please be sure you like my art before commissioning me!
◇ I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason, please be understanding.
◇ If I cannot complete your commission for any reason, I will send you a full refund.
◇ I retain the rights to my artwork.
◇ I usually post commissions on my art sites, but please tell me if you’d like to keep the commission anonymous or if you don’t want your commission posted at all.
◇ Additional charges may apply if the commission turns out to be overly complicated so please keep this in mind.
I do not work on weekends! (Saturday/Sunday and Fridays after 1pm EST) Also please remember and understand that I have a job outside of commissions and cannot work on them/communicate during those hours!
◇As I always say, please be patient with me, as I put 200% into my commissions, and sometimes take a little longer than most. Zero tolerance policy for impatience and entitlement.

General things I won’t draw:
◇ Real people (unless it’s you and I have your express permission)
◇ Guro/excessive gore/body horror (some blood/injuries are fine with me though)
◇ Non-humanoid characters (feral fursonas are one exception, though I’m not a pro at animal anatomy! I also will draw chao and Pokemon)
◇ FNAF anything, MLP style
Things that may affect your price:
◇Multiple characters (+5 per character)
◇Complex character designs
◇Multiple revisions
Types of things that will NOT affect your price:
◇ The type of coloring you choose (soft or cel shading)
◇ Fan art vs OCs
◇ If I decide to do something extra for you of my own accord, I'm not gonna charge you extra. That's not nice.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! My goal is to provide as much information as I can for every transaction to be smooth. I’m happy to negotiate some things and to clarify what I am and am not willing to draw. Likewise, I ask that you give me as much information as applicable to the piece you’d like, because I’d rather avoid bombarding you with questions. If you feel apprehensive or that there are things missing from this document, I’m more than happy to discuss and update this information.

Contact: Gmail | Twitter | Tumblr | FurAffinity


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    hi i really like your artstyle, it's cool ^w^

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      AW thank you! That means a lot!

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        no prob! :D

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    ahhhh thank you for the follow! your art is really cute!

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      Wah you too! I love the way you color and everything! ;w;

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    I must say, I really fell in love with your art style. It's glorious

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      Hey thank you so much! This is really motivating to hear ( ;∀;)

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    Aaaaaa, thankies for liking my characters!! You're too nice and swell!