Those Kids by OddOly

Those Kids


29 June 2014 at 21:23:46 MDT

Right on, so you probably remember them?

I didn't tell you the full story. Their school has a second wing. It's a wing where kids with learning disabilities go. Teague has never been there and has never crossed the yard to talk to them but he calls the place the Vegetable Patch and tells his classmates nothing good comes from there.

The kids on the other side of the yard don't have a name for the opposite side of the yard where Teague is from but they have a few names for Teague. They can't pronounce those but still.

This also isn't a full story. This isn't even all the characters involved (this is why I shouldn't have been allowed to read War and Peace - never let young impressionable minds know a book over 15 pages is possible if you don't have much else to do with your life). But it's a slightly fuller story than before and this means more stories ahead...

Oh, and if you want to know more I started updating charahub more diligently.

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