Cop Story Sketches 17 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 17


10 May 2014 at 14:50:45 MDT

Gosh, I missed drawing random stuff - some of it is oldish and some of it is very recent, I didn't have time for Cop Story doodles for a few weeks.

The chap with the dog is an old-ish character I never drew before. His name is Graham Wilson, he is/was/is a cop and the dog is called Wanker. They really deserve a proper introduction but I need to find the time to draw it.

Someday I will draw Gerry and Lucky without warm colours or a rainy background but that day is not today.

Little Eddie being adorable and destructive for my class assignment.

Something random for Sardonyxweapon - my Quinton and her Fitz getting on each other’s nerves while having an eyebrow competition! I don’t know who wins this but my money is on Quinton - he has a psychological advantage of unnerving people with his wheelchair (if you think Quinton doesn’t use his situation to manipulate people you really don’t know him). Also I finally drew Quinton’s electric wheelchair - he doesn’t get it till later in the story and I felt really bad about him being stuck in a manual one (which is essentially useless for him) in most pictures.

Actually, speaking of my class, if there's anything it taught me it's that there is art I understand better now and there's art I still don't understand. Max is probably more open-minded than I am and definitely more open-minded than Russell.

And then it’s Kevin with his dad (Harris). Kevin still lives with him, they get on pretty well but I’m not so sure which one is the organ grinder here because while Kevin clearly depends on his father, Harris is soft, protective and a bit of a pushover while Kevin can be very opinionated when he wants to. In the very first draft of Cop Story (before it was even called Cop Story) both Kevin’s parents were dead and he lived with his brother’s family. After a lot of re-writing he ended up with a father instead of an older brother but he never seems to get a full family.

After his injury Chauncey quit partying but it’s complicated - his colleagues kept inviting him unless they could find a good excuse not to and he kept coming unless he could find a good excuse not to but he really just sat in a corner drinking quietly and forcing a smile any time someone spoke to him. Hours of fun.

Recently I realised I didn't upload many pictures of Teague's classmates so you know next to nothing about them! I'm trying to fix it so here's Alastair MacNamara - a teacher's pet and Teague's arch-nemesis. Al made the school look good once and before he could understand what exactly happened the teachers started giving him extra attention. Al doesn't have enough social skills to grasp that it makes other kids hate him. So he walked into this situation and doesn't even know it. Oh, and he claims his walker is magenta not pink - that just shows you how much he knows. :P

And I have no clue where the mother of August Christopher gets all these police themed-clothes in sizes people over the age of 10 can fit in.

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    Oh man, I thought Hairy Breakfast was awesome, then again, I never claimed to have good taste.

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      I am not sure what Hairy Breakfast is, tell me more? And Max was referring to this, it was mentioned in my online art history class.

      I've just finished that class and thought my free online education adventures were over but then I found a couple of courses that might be useful for my writing research so you can expect more pictures inspired by that. I just regret there will be no art assignments this time.

      I don't think I have a good taste or that I can define what art is - the way I see it, anything can be art as long as you're not physically hurting living beings while making it. But I don't get certain art pieces - I can maybe understand where the artists were coming from but the result stays a bit funny for me, "lol, a hairy teacup".

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        Oops, it's called Breakfast in Fur, I thought this was the piece he was referring to as it includes a hairy spoon, among other things :B

        I agree! I don't spend much time analying art, but it can be revarding to whip out the ol' Gombrich once in while to see some of the history behind a piece or period of art. Sometimes an otherwise bland or uninteresting piece will get a layer of meaning when you know the culture at the time of the making. Same with symbol-laden literature and political cartoons.

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          Ah, we were talking about the same thing, I thought there was more of those things. :D I think Hairy Breakfast sounds cooler though, it has some kind of wordplay lurking out there.

          And yeah! Actually one thing this class prompted me to do was a thing I wanted to do for a while - spoofs of famous paintings. Halfway through my first one, I only needed a sketch for my assignment so now I'm slowly colouring it between other things. It's been really fun digging at history and theories about the meaning and composition and deciding what to keep and what to change in my version.

          ...that and I've had a ton of art history classes in school and uni, I feel like making art history look slightly less srs bsns sometimes. :D

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            I love painting spoofs! If you've any good ones, please do share!
            My favourite of all time can be found on FA, of all places: Saint John the Baptist Says: Heaven Can Wait. It's one of those where I'm clenching my teeth in frustration because I didn't think of it first, haha.

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              Ooh, this is great! I'm more about recreating the composition than the whole look though. It might end up more painterly that usual, dunno yet, still not done with flat colours. Might be done in a week, dunno, I keep pushing it back because I'm too slow with comics.

              I wanted to do spoofs even before I had Cop Story, just never did it. If I'm lucky it will become a regular exercise.