Miss OC Round 3 - Wynne Paula Cleaves 1 by OddOly

Miss OC Round 3 - Wynne Paula Cleaves 1


11 February 2014 at 15:06:01 MST

A comic I did for Miss OC Pageant, an art contest over at DA. The idea is drawing your characters in pretty outfits, but I had to make it more complicated as usual.


Wynne's costume prompts were:

  • Evil/Dark Knight
  • Steampunk Adventurer (which is what she picked)
  • Mummy

I'm not saying that it's a bad list but honestly nothing besides Steampunk Adventurer was remotely fitting and I wasn't excited about that one either because I happened to draw a comic set in a steampunk world for a year and it turns out a year is precisely the amount of time I can handle steampunk. That and I had to work near a local steampunk event right before I started drawing my entry which didn't add any enthusiasm about it. As if you can have enthusiasm about a genre romanticizing Victorian dentistry and the lack of hot showers.


And now it's Guy Hoyle who's in trouble...

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